Winter Solstice Rituals

Winter Solstice Rituals

winter solstice

This season is a time of ‘wintering’ - moving inwards, being introspective, and moving more slowly. It may feel hard to create room for all the above, especially when we are consumed by the festivities and feeling the pressure to reach deadlines or targets before the year is up.

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day and longest night. Whilst the sun begins her journey back closer to earth on the Northern Hemisphere, bringing with her warmth, light and opportunity, it is a beautiful time for inner nurturing and regeneration in preparation for our re-mergence into the world. 

Take a moment for yourself, to let go of things that do not serve you any longer, and make space to plant seeds for the new cycle. A new year, and life in general, isn't a linear movement, but a beautiful circle that reminds us that from darkness we always move into the light. Use this time to also send out light and peaceful thoughts to all, especially during these days of deep collective grief.

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