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Ceremonial Cacao 500g - Jaguar Siembra

Ceremonial Cacao 500g - Jaguar Siembra

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Enjoy this limited edition 100% pure Ceremonial Cacao from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. 

In 2022, co-founder Zoe, had the opportunity to visit the sacred lands of the Iku community where this cacao is nurtured in a rich biodiverse food forest using their ancient wisdom. The team at Jaguar Siembra have enabled this beautiful project to come to fruition, helping the indigenous communities reclaim and regenerate the land to produce this truly special cacao.

We are delighted to have been able to support their mission through our 1% contributions over the past 6 years. 

By eating this ancient and sacred food, you connect with the heart of the world and the indigenous Arhuaco communities that grow this superfood. They ensure the regeneration of deforested areas in the Heart of the World, through community regenerative agriculture and the conservation of cultural heritage.

  • Organic ceremonial cacao 
  • Grown in regenerative agriculture
  • Above and beyond the barriers of Fair Trade cacao, this is Direct Trade. 
  • 25 servings per bar.


100% organic ceremonial cacao.


To enjoy this Ceremonial Cacao in its fullest light grate or slice 25g-40g per serving.

Add the cacao to 150ml of hot water and let this melt and infuse for 30 seconds before whisking well.

Pause for breath and stillness, allow the cacao aromas to soak into your being. Sip slowly and deeply, savouring the earthy richness from this sacred ceremonial cacao.

For multiple servings and ceremonies, grate the required weight into a pan and bring to a simmer with hot water. You may also mix with (plant) milk, add a sweetener, chili, salt or rose extract to elevate your experience.


Kraft box, compostable paper.

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